A Puzzle made of Glass

we know!

Google Glass was finally announced to the world. Yes, I’m sure we’ve all heard by now … What’s more interesting are the things Google is doing more quietly.

In addition to launching Google Glass, Google is working on various fronts to break down the main barrier to Glass – the geek factor. On the product design front, Google has reportedly started talks with the designer eyewear company, Warby Parker. More interestingly, they are also starting to seed a backlash against the smartphone.

Sergey Brin, in a recent TED talk, said it was “emasculating” to be seen using a smartphone. Interesting and surprising, given that Google is vying for smartphone dominance with Android, the Nexus line and purchase of Motorola.

Why I’m curious

In Super Sad True Love Story by Gary Shteyngart, the future is a place where iPhones are passé and the details of your life are freely available for all to see. I think this future is close, very close – especially after reading an article by Mark Hurst, (thanks, Lachlan) that details Glass’ feature of being able to record images, video and audio anytime, without notice. Creepy, right? Wait until the geek factor is gone and Glass is in a contact lens.

Smartphones have already changed the way we interact in social setting in both positive and negative ways. How will Glass-like technology effect human behaviors, interactions and concept of privacy?


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