Touchscreen Print Ad Provides Instant Car Insurance Quotes

Usually if you see a print ad for car insurance, you’re not always inclined to follow through and check out the company’s website. RSA’s interactive print ad solves this problem by connecting magazine readers directly to the system for immediate quotes.

From PSFK:

Created by OgilvyOne in the Middle East for those living in Dubai, it supports the car insurance company’s “Easy as Ever” promise by enabling customers to ask for a quote straight from the ad, making the experience effortless.

The interactive print ad features a custom-built device inserted into it, which communicates with RSA’s servers. Readers could then use the phone-shaped device to key in their details directly from the ad and request a car insurance quote on-the-spot. In minutes, a quote was generated and sent to their mobile device. So using the shareable media, anyone could easily get a quote in no time at all.

Why Am I Curious?

Nowadays, everything is about making interactions and engagements frictionless and seamless for consumers. This is another example where an insurance company is trying to bring digital into the print advertising in an effort to ensure “taking action” is more likely to happen. With technologies like that becoming more ubiquitous and cheaper, I wonder what else will we be able to do while reading a magazine without the need for any additional devices?


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