Hermès Creates Stop-Motion Videos

The French luxury brand Hermès launched its new campaign ‘Vive Le Sport’ (long live sport). To help celebrating the sporting life, Hermès created an interactive website that features stop-motion videos where their accessories and homeware come to life and spend a day in the park.

Hermes Vive Le Sport

From PSFK,

The interactive site lets you click on different activities: you can watch pillows relaxing with pétanque balls, fancy ties acting as croquet hoops, shoes playing leap frog and their famous bags watching tableware play ping-pong. The videos are playful and light, and exude the essence of the brand as confident and quirky.

Why I’m Curious

I really like that despite Hermes being a luxury brand, they were able to create something fun, not stuffy yet still showcased product. I seems like there’s been a consistent trend for brands to start creating personalities that even have human-like qualities. I’m interested to see how much further this goes and hope to create ownable characteristics in social for our clients.


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