Billy Corgan: on point

In a riveting interview with Billy Corgan about the current state and future of the music business, Brian Solis extracts some great insights that could apply to any industry.

Two excerpts of note: from 0:58 to 3:02 there is a great discussion on the concept of value, and from 11:53 to 14:04 a discussion about how The Beatles created some of the first transmedia experiences and how new artists need to adopt this model.

Why I’m curious

It is important to remember that before “transmedia” was a thing, it was a thing. In today’s digitally infused world interwoven multi-channel messaging is becoming all the more important when speaking to your target.

Corgan’s point challenges “one destination for everyone” thinking, yet how relevant is this to every industry? How does this concept scale?

P.S. – Siamese Dream is one of the best albums ever. Period.


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