360 Degree Live Sound Experience


Leave it to Beck to not only re-imagine David Bowie’s “Sound and Vision,” but to also transform the way audiences can experience musical performances online. Beck has partnered with music video director Chris Milk to create “Hello, Again” — allowing users to view his performance from every angle using a variety of lenses, viewpoints and microphones. The digital experience was created by capturing the concert with 360° binaural microphones (for a closer look at how the technology works, check out Wired’s writeup). Users control what’s on screen with a webcam, which monitors where they are looking to adapt the experience.

Why I’m Curious: While there is significant load time for both the standard and high-def experience, Lincoln and Beck are bringing you something you can’t even get if you were at the show. As opposed to Amex’s Unstaged (which arguably provides an inferior experience to what Cardmembers are viewing), this totally immersive experience lets users witness the show from any seat, hear distinct sound origins and even experience what Beck hears.


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