Twitter Metadata Change: Tweets To Be Assigned ‘High’ Or ‘Low’ Value

Twitter is going to start publicly assessing the value of each tweet.

In a blog post about metadata changes to its API, Twitter notes that tweets will be considered “low,” “medium” or “high” value. An alternate value of “none” may also appear in the metadata, perhaps for spam or something that makes no sense at all. The value will be assigned under “filter_level” in its API. That means developers can tap into the change to deliver more relevant tweets in third-party apps.

While Twitter doesn’t share how a tweet is ranked by the new algorithm, The Next Web speculates that “shares, views, engagement numbers and so forth” will be factors. It’s likely that the popularity of a user could also be taken into account.

The metadata change is expected to go live on Wednesday, Feb. 20.

Why I’m curious:

Besides third-party apps, Twitter is very likely to apply the filter to its Discover Tab and search function. Imagine the tweets show up not in a continuous chronological stream, but one ordered by value or relevancy to individual users.


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