Sweet Ideas for Valentine’s Day

A few brands got creative on how to celebrate Valentine’s Day on social media, ranging from dinner reservations to Pizza Hut perfume. Yes, you read that right.

From PSFK,

Just tweet with the hashtag #tweetforatable, and Heineken will set you up with a last minute reservation.


Perfume, flowers, and chocolate are typical Valentine’s Day gifts. If you’re in need of a scent suggestion, Pizza Hut may have the perfect solution: a pizza-scented fragrance. After first introducing the perfume in Canada, the brand has brought the signature scent to the US in time for Valentine’s Day. Tweet #lastminutelovers to @PizzaHut for a chance to win the fragrance.


Why I’m Curious

I think all brands have an internal tug of war on whether or not it’s relevant to align themselves with certain holidays. Oreo was a great example of capitalizing on timely news during the Super Bowl power outage, and some brands were wondering why they hadn’t thought of something on the spot, while others realized it was too far of a stretch to find common ground.

We occasionally look at holidays as just another day for social, but it’s not surprising how much engagement and press the brands receiving while leveraging existing conversations. While the brands that were able to get creative on Valentine’s Day aren’t the most serious, they were still able to tie it back to their overall branding.


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