No Coding Skills, No Problem

Ah the democratizing power of the web…This week Kleverbeast, a web-service that promises no-coding-required app development, has entered into public beta.

via FastCompany:

Functioning in-browser, the Kleverbeast developer uses a simple drag-and-drop WYSIWYG interface that allows creators to fill out a range of templates with their work: think an ultra-light, app-specific, in-browser InDesign. As well, using an accompanying app called KB Viewer, you can demo their app as you build it. And crucially, the interface has built-in monetization, like purchasable, expandable content for a magazine or selling prints of a artist.


The service is available in three tiers: KB+ at $29/mo. (targeted at individual “content-creators”); KB Pro at $199/mo. (targeted at small- to mid-sized business); and KB Enterprise available at custom pricing (targeted at agencies, publishers, record labels, etc.).

Why I’m Curious?

As essentially a Tumblr for mobile apps, it might be interesting to look at the similarities/differences between the two to attempt to forecast how (if at all) we see Kleverbeast evolving into a mobile advertising tool.

Tumblr has two outlets for advertisers: the service itself, i.e. the ability to create a brand/campaign-focused Tumblr page, and ad units that appear in a user’s dashboard.

It’ll be interesting to see…

…whether Kleverbeast apps will build enough of a recognizable look and experience that users will attribute them the same level of authenticity/authorship that they do Tumblr pages.

…whether or not Kleverbeast will offer a meta-experience (akin to Tumblr’s dashboard) that’ll connect app-builders/browsers, and allow for ads to be targeted based on interests, app-popularity, etc.


Share your thoughts.

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