How To Erase Your Ex From Facebook

From Business Insider:

Nowadays it’s rare to share something like a photo or status update on Facebook and not have it live on permanently.


But what happens when you want to rid yourself of that digital baggage in the case of a break-up or falling out with someone?

That’s where KillSwitch, a new Android and iOS app launching today, steps in.

“KillSwitch is for anyone fresh out of a break-up looking to move on. What if they have a lot of pictures of their ex and they don’t want to be reminded of that?” Co-founders Erica Mannherz and Clara de Soto told Business Insider. “KillSwitch is also for anybody that has had a falling out, be it a friendship or coworker, any relationship that you really don’t want to have evidence or traces of on Facebook.”

KillSwitch works by discreetly identifying a “target” from your list of Facebook friends, it will then find every photo, status update, and post related to you and the individual and will wipe all traces from Facebook without them finding out.


Why I’m Curious:

I think on of Facebook’s biggest problems is the static nature of the platform, and how it has become somewhat social unacceptable to “unfriend” someone. This contrasts greatly with IRL relationships which are far more fluid. It will be interesting to see how people’s perceptions of “unfreinding” or blocking change as we spend more and more years digitally tied to obsolete relationships. 


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