Godiva’s Love + Hug Project

Godiva Tokyo partnered with Saatchi & Saatchi to launch an innovative Valentine’s Day promotion that encouraged shoppers to hug a specially engineered mannequin. Each hug given was measured and rated using technology built into the dummy. The hugger received a certificate rating their hug quality and a photo of them hugging the dummy was uploaded onto the Godiva campaign site as well as their personal Facebook page.

They receive a prize for their effort and can potentially win a more substantial gift. On the campaign site you can even send a virtual hug to someone using an online game created by the agency. The mannequin hugging booth will make appearances at various Godiva store locations around Japan. So far thousands of people have lined up to hug the mannequin and post their photos.

Why I’m Curious: In a culture where public displays of affection are quite rare, this campaign seamlessly integrated touchable technology and connected with the Godiva consumers in a way that most brands in the culture fail to tap into. They managed to make the participation component irresistible and play up the emotional brand values of the company. It breaks through the cultural norm of Japanese Valentine gift giving in a playful way and encourages people to actively participate in the real world and online.


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