GE Collaborates with Twitter Base

GE sketches real-time illustrations of followers inventions on twitter.

February 11th was Thomas Edison’s 166th birthday. It is also National Inventor’s Day. To celebrate the occasion, General Electric, the multinational corporation, asked on Twitter what people’s inventions would be?

Over the course of sevens hours, the GE team replied to the ideas with their own interpretation illustrated on a blueprint. The real-time marketing campaign was meant to promote innovation, creativity and the art of invention. Using the hashtag #IWantToInvent, everyone including brands such as Ritz (who wants to see a mood-based topping spreader) could participate.

While the event may not seem to have very far of a reach, they engaged with over 250 people and created 70 illustrations over the course of the day, it is part of a long-term marketing strategy for the corporation.

Why I am curious?

I am very interested in this kind of collaborative content development that ends in a visual product. It is a great way to engage specific target audiences and create truly unique content.


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