Every Last Drop

Screen Shot 2013-02-15 at 2.51.38 PM
“By saving every last drop we can make sure that reliable, clean water is something that everyone can tap into”.
Every Last Drop is a UK-based initiative to raise awareness around everyday activities as they relate to water.  from running water (showers, baths) to what we eat (beef, coffee) and what we wear (cotton), the site tells a simple yet effective story that illustrates each individual’s impact on the water crisis.
Upon completion of the parallax site experience the user served with a short video that calls the bathroom out as the most efficient place you can save water, as well as other areas to make a difference.
Why I’m Curious
The water crisis is a global issues that deserves attention and action, however in our daily lives we don’t place a lot of emphasis on clean water because we have it.   Every Last Drop has done a great job of educating people about water issues in an uplifting and interactive way, with clear and actionable ways to save water in daily life. Rather than presenting people with an exhaustive list, they call out the bathroom as a key area to start saving water, and follow it with other simple ways to use water more efficiently every day.

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