Beer Dispensing Arcade Game

beercade-beer-arcade-barfighter1-625x418To drive awareness for Raleigh brewer Big Boss Brewing Company the company created Beercade: The Last Barfighter, a retro-style arcade game where players fight over a chance to get beer dispensed into their cup straight from the arcade machine. In place of coin dispensers, are drip trays, cup-holders and sensor that accept cups in place of quarters. The game is themed around the different varieties of beer and the best of three wins.

Why I’m Curious: From Nike to American Express, we’ve seen that many brands now have to play in the technology business. While this isn’t the most innovative piece of technology (it’s a flash-based game that’s very simple), the fact that the arcade box and game were created in-house shows that even a beer company can be invested in a technology that has nothing to do with its central product. Ultimately, intersecting your audience with a piece of entertainment is the best way to sell your product (even if you’re giving it away for free).


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