Homepage for the Homeless

– Jordan


GPY&R Melbourne and youth charity Ladder, in association with major retailers such as iTunes, Amazon, The Iconic, Deals Direct and Wotif, are excited to introduce ‘Homepage for the Homeless’ – a simple way to help some of the 1 in 200 Australians who will be homeless this Christmas, simply by changing your homepage.

How is this possible?

It’s simple, just click through to any of the participating sites from Homepage for the Homeless, and up to 15% of everything you buy will be donated by the store, to the homeless, at no extra cost to you. It’s that easy.

It could be a sweet new outfit for Christmas Day from The Iconic, a trip home for the holidays from Wotif, a new book for Dad from Amazon, a plastic Christmas tree from Deals Direct, or Michael Buble’s Christmas album from iTunes – clearly it doesn’t matter what you buy, so long as you click through Homepage for the Homeless before you buy it.

Simply set ‘Homepage for the Homeless’ as your default homepage and you’ll never miss an opportunity to help those less fortunate.

Shopping never felt so good.

Visit the website now at www.homepageforthehomeless.org

Why I’m curious:

This execution is amazing because it flips the way the normal ad traffic is used and simply donates the money to a behavior you currently do. The task required for the users is extremely easy but adds a lot of worth from that simple action.

Share your thoughts.

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