Adidas Y-3 Interactive Live Stream

At Adidas’s 2013 spring/summer fashion show for its Y-3 collection, online viewers could watch a dynamic interactive live-stream. The online live show positioned four various views of the runway and backstage on one screen, offering viewers an insider view of the show.

When tuning in to watch, all four video streams were displayed at once, allowing users to view an entire look, zoomed in shots which showcased unique fashion pieces, or live action views of the backstage. If one particular look appealed to viewers, or a back stage moment peaked their interest; screenshots could be taken instantly and pinned to users’ Pinterest boards, all with the click of a button.

Adidas partnered with ACNE Productions for this project. (From PSFK)

Why I’m Curious

I think this was a brilliant initiative that took an otherwise exclusive event and made it accessible to the online community as well as highly interactive. The experiential element encouraged Adidas’s fashion-conscious audience to feel like they were a part of/press at the show. Adding Pinterest to the mix allowed users to not only be observers, but active participants, capturing and seamlessly sharing their favorite moments with their social network.

This project is an inspiration for thinking about creating truly interactive digital experiences. These elements help to foster emotionally-resonant online conversations around that branded experience with the user’s greater social network as well as the brand itself. Plus, Adidas has theoretically come away with more information about their audience including which moments and collection pieces appealed to them the most.


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