2 things that caught my attention…

1. Ikea AUS with an interesting take on Valentines Day…

IKEA ad tweetWhy I’m Curious?

Interesting take on what could have been a very dry monthly offer!

Great use of contextual/timely relevance to create a great offer that both leverages the product offering and creates a heap of PR – all with a bit of humor.

2. LinkedIn’s 200M member email…


Why I’m curious:

It has interestingly appealed to and been mentioned by so many purely by stroking the corporate ego!

Of course, it says nothing about your worth / value and more about whether you were mid-company / or continent (in the case of me) for that year and therefore the content algorithm decided that as a ‘some people looked at profile = serve to many more”.

Geekiness and skepticism aside, this is a great bit of direct marketing as it uses data in a great way to appeal to the corporate ego. To create a great community message and PR…


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