Synchronized Porta-Potties Create Music When in Use

Personal, a mobile company in Argentina, organizes a 50,000+ person music festival each year called ‘Personal Fest.’ This year, they partnered with agency TBWA Buenos Aires to transform the portable toilets from a neglected part of the event into a more enjoyable experience. They ‘hacked’ them with some electronics and pots of colorful paint to create ‘Rhythmical Potties’. These seven brightly-colored toilets each played a different sound, and they lit up and made music only when they were occupied.

Why I’m Curious: Creative forms of culture hacking always pique my interest. I am quite honestly amazed that people were able to transform these often-loathed, horrendous smelling experiences into a fun, musical celebration (tying back beautifully to the brand of the festival). By creating a kind of interactive installation, these people were able to take a universally boring activity of going to the bathroom and turn it into a musical art form. Genius.


One thought on “Synchronized Porta-Potties Create Music When in Use

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