Maker movement does good.


This is so freaking cool.

The Maker movement has been growing for years and is starting to hit its stride with the falling prices of 3D Printers. And just how Open Source changed the face of the software industry, open source products are beginning to touch people’s lives.

This is particularly true for a little boy named Liam in South Africa who was born without fingers on his right hand. Makers Ivan Owen from Bellingham, Washington and Richard Van As from South Africa collaborated by first sending prototypes to each other via mail, and then, after 3D Printer company Makerbot donated a 3D printer to each of them, sending CAD files over the internet. As you can see from the videos, the results are technologically astounding and make you want to cheer.


Why I’m curious

3D Printing, DIY Electronic and Open Sourced Products are changing the dynamic of what it means to be a manufacturer. When you can print the product, install the firmware and walk away from your desk with a complete product, how does this change the retail model that’s been in place for at least the past two hundred years? What is the role of companies like Apple, Ikea and Adidas in this new model?

The rolling answers to those questions and how we as branding professionals adapt with our clients is truly exciting.

via TechCrunch


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