Fitness Tracker Punishes You For Skipping Workouts


If your TV turned off when you missed a run, would you be more likely to get up and go? Charalampos from Building Internet of Things developed a hack using a FitBit tracker and a Belkin WeMo to help you stay on track with your fitness goals.

The hack uses The FitBit’s ability to monitor and log in various activities such as steps taken, amount of sleep,  and calories burned, and connects it to WeMo, an Internet-controlled power outlet. As a result your laptop, Xbox, or even fridge will shut down when you miss a fitness goal. (more at PSFK)

Why I’m Curious

Devices like the FitBit and WeMo are drastically changing little things we do. PSFK notes this hack combines two important trends from CES: the ‘connected home’ and lifetracking. FitiBit helps you stay on achieve fitness goals by tracking your every move. WeMo makes it possible to turn your lights on and off from your computer. But what more interesting is making all these aspects of everyday life connected to devices and the Internet, allows us to connect things in new ways. Which is what the concept of the ‘Internet of Things’ is all about – connecting all these ‘things’ that exist disparately into something bigger.


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