#SteertheScript: Lincoln’s Tweet-sourced Superbowl Ad

For their Super Bowl XLVII, Lincoln teamed up with Jimmy Fallon to get Twitter users to  #SteerTheScript of their ad.

The ask was fairly simple – share a roadtrip story with the hashtag #SteerTheScript, then Fallon and Lincoln would choose the best snippets to weave into their ad for the Big Game. Over 6,000 people responded with a variety of stories from the “Alpacalypse” to a woman being proposed to by two strangers. The teaser is live now, and the full ad will debut during the game on Sunday. What does this idea have to Lincoln you say? The teaser ends with a voiceover saying “It’s a story that starts with you – because luxury always should.” (More at TheNextWeb)

Why I’m Curious

Social Media has been a game-changer for Super Bowl ads. Should brand reveal their ad before the game? Tease it out? There’s so much to decide these ad that will be over in about two minutes or less on Sunday. But this year, the trend seems to be let social media have a say in it (like the Coca-Cola example from last week).

Lincoln set the idea up for success with the cross-promotion on Jimmy Fallon. They’ve also enlisted celebrities to help act out the stories shared on Twitter – so the result stands to be pretty entertaining. But the question is – will social media users care that the ad was created from Tweets that other people wrote?


Share your thoughts.

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