Android app lets users share their mobile data plans

Airmobs is a community-based hotspot app that has created an on-demand wi-fi tethering market. It provides network connectivity if your device has no connection or roaming costs are too high, by allowing for the use of someone else’s data plan. This will let users internet access even when their service provider is out of network coverage.


The person who provides the network access will gain credit points that can be used when they aren’t connected. The incentive is that by sharing your data connection, you will get data in return at another time, creating a dedicated network of users.

Airmobs monitors various parameters in order to decide when to provide a network to others. These include sensing network, battery, phone, SMS, and data usage. This monitoring allows the app to provide network to others only when this doesn’t impact the host’s experience. Users can also control how much of their data plan they are willing to share.

Why I’m curious:

This app allows different users on different mobile operators to provide network access to each other, compensate for each operator’s out-of-coverage areas. Some consumers choose the provider with the largest coverage due to concerns of losing connection in certain areas. But heavy-traveler is only a fraction of total smartphone users, if this works well, I can see the claim of “the largest coverage” lose its weight.


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