Love Is a Bracketfield’ Facebook App Will Decide Best Romance Movie Ever

From Mashable:

Fandango is getting into the Valentine’s Day spirit with “Love Is a Bracketfield,” a tournament-style competition pitting top romance movies against one aother.

Participants, who will play along via a Facebook app, could win a year’s worth of movie tickets from online movie ticketer Fandango (that’s a lot of date nights).

“Love Is a Bracketfield” launched Friday and will end when the 32 romance movies are whittled down to the best one as determined by voters. These movies are vying for your vote:

You’ll see Pretty Woman battling Bridget Jones’ Diary as well as Titantic versus Brokeback Mountain. The app is just one component of Fandango’s Valentine’s Day-related blitz. Fandango also unleashed Valentine’s Day-themed Fandango gift cards and released some interesting stats from a poll it conducted:

  • 79% of women indicate that a romantic dinner and a movie is their preferred Valentine’s night date
  • 81% of female respondents claim they pick the movie for Valentine’s
  • Only 23% of females say they pay for the movie on Valentine’s
  • 92% of females admit they would be annoyed if their Valentine’s date talked or texted during the movie

In addition, Fandango launched a Valentine’s Day Movie Night Hub

Why Am I Curious?

I think this is well thought out way to get engagement from target customers around a well-established behavior they are likely to undertake during Valentine’s Day. I also appreciate that is it not overly corny or sweet but really driven by a point most people (especially females) feel passionately about – their favorite romantic comedy.


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