How-to create a personal library for your fading long-term memory

Evernote Augmented

– Jordan

From The Verge:

Sixty years ago, Vannevar Bush imagined a hypertext information machine (a memex) in his essay ‘As We May Think’ that would act as an “intimate supplement” to memory. Bush imagined a desk-sized machine for keeping track of a user’s books, records, and communications, tracking what you read and your notes like a modern day version of the commonplace book. Years after reading a book or writing down a note, the user would be able to return to it, tracing written thoughts in “trails” that can be recalled, shared, and stored. “Thus science may implement the ways in which man produces, stores, and consults the record of the race,” Bush wrote, surely unaware of where hypertext would take us.

This article from The Verge discusses how one Verge member creates his own version of Memex using free and available tools from Evernote and Google.


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Why I’m curious:

Recalling specific passages is becoming increasingly hard with all the various platforms and places that we are consuming a wide variety of content. I often find myself straining to Google search a term or phrase that describes what I am trying to look up again, but more often than not I am off by a few words and are served completely random pieces from around the web. I believe as tech advances in projects like Google Glass and Memento we will one day be closer to having full access not only to the worlds knowledge but the knowledge within ourselves.


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