Emoji – coming soon to a browser near you?


Emoji, the font of emoticons widely used in texting, has grown from obscurity, to ubiquity, to art with its inclusion as a core iPhone keyboard and downloadable keyboards on Google Play. It may soon be coming to your browser.

Badass Javascript reports today that Mozilla has submitted a proposal to expand the OpenType Standard to include SVG Glyphs. In English, that basically means that the most standard font standard on the web may soon support vector based characters, like Emoji.

Why I’m curious

The ways we communicate with each other through technology are constantly changing and those changes are slowly creeping into our language as a whole. Case in point, LOL, OMG and the glyph heart ❤ were added to the Oxford Dictionary. OMG.

On a professional level, these changes may soon come to effect tonality in copy and how we target communications to different age demographics. Staying modern without leaving older folks behind will be a challenge.

On a personal level, this makes me think about how the movements toward more “modern” forms of communication seems to be completing a circle back to the original pictographic forms of communication that were first developed thousands of years ago.

Share your thoughts.

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