Durex Launches On-Demand Delivery

Durex launched an on-demand delivery service for people who need condoms outside of typical store hours. The service launched in Dubai, is available between 4pm and 4am and will expand to more countries based on interest.


From PSFK,

SOS Condoms is a “public service application” that makes ordering a condom as easy as ordering a pizza. For those people who never seem to have a condom when they need one, a professional team will be available to deliver them discreetly in less than an hour.

The SOS Condoms app, developed with Buzzman, lets you request a delivery, confirm your location, and choose your product from the selected range. It will then be handed over to you in a discreet way that suits your situation and you can pay cash on delivery.

Why I’m Curious

In our instantaneous world it where it seems that you can get anything delivered it makes sense that now you can. I’m interested to see where this will move next, as living in New York we already have the opportunity to order anything at anytime from a mobile device. It’s smart their utilizing voting and UGC to determine the next location, as they know there will be a market upon launch. However, I could see this being even more amplified with a partnership to go beyond just condom delivery.


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