Vine: Twitter’s Simple Video-sharing App

On Thursday, Twitter introduced a new feature: video-sharing. The function comes from an app called Vine, that allows you to share six-second looping video creations with your friends on social networks.

It’s apparently quite easy to use, here’s what the folks at Wired had to say: Instead of the standard video-sharing experience, you record videos by holding your finger on the screen. By lifting your finger, you can momentarily pause the recording, making it possible to create a miniature narrative out of multiple scenes. The app does all the stitching automatically for you, editing together a six-second movie with a series of jump cuts. The results often end up looking more like an animated GIF with audio than traditional, single-shot videos you see shared on apps like Viddy or Socialcam.Once you’re in the app, you see a home screen with a scrollable list of Vine creations. Assuming you don’t have any followers when you sign up, you’ll get a list of Editor’s Picks. You can also find other Vine videos through the Explore tab, which brings you lists of Editor’s Picks, Popular Now, All Posts, and various hashtags like #food, #howto, and #firstpost. Start poking around the Explore tab and you’ll find some pretty amazing Vine videos — everything from stop-motion animations to quick run-throughs of how to make coffee.

Why I’m Curious

Twitter started off as a strictly 140-character platform, but over time we’ve seen it move to include ways to embed (and now take/filter) photos, video, news links, and now your own pieces of video. I think it’s an interesting reflection of how the platform has evolved overtime with the way it’s users actually use the platform.

While Vine is still a little buggy, it’s a very interested development for social media. Video offers much more context and detail than an Instagram snap or a few words about an article you read. It will be interesting to see how users adapt the new tool (and its constraints) to start doing some creative things.


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