Target’s Tweet-to-Runway Show

Target held the first-ever runway show inspired by tweets yesterday. From January 2-January 24 Target scanned the Twitter feeds of consenting individuals and selected tweets to accompany a variety of products from their EveryDay Collection. A model then walked down the runway with, for example, a super-sized bottle of Heinz and read aloud the tweet “the amount of fries i eat is directly correlated to the amount of ketchup on my plate #truestory” (which was also superimposed with the Tweet/user itself). The show was live-streamed at and users whose tweets were featured received $20 giftcards.

Why I’m Curious: At first, this idea made no sense to me. Target + Fashion Models + Laundry Detergent and Food = ???. But the execution was surprisingly entertaining. The juxtaposition of professional models reading real tweets about mundane subjects (in their most serious tone) was even captivating. Target was able to show the breadth of their product selection while also adding the highly emotional and authentic ties real consumers have with these products. And on top of that, they can now use these tweets on a variety of promotional materials (from videos to the products at the shelf). A win all around.


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