Seamless Spends Big on FB Fans

As you might have noticed…Seamless has recently launched an FB fan-acquisition campaign offering potential customers $7 discounts in exchange for likes. The effort is being promoted through search, display, radio, and FB itself.


Why I’m Curious?

Unsurprisingly, the effort has been very successful at growing their fan-base…Over the past several weeks I’ve seen Seamless pop up in my newsfeed more frequently than ever before in the past with new friends’ names attached it each time.

But it all comes at a cost…and I think this campaign raises interesting questions about the value brands can attribute to FB fandom, and about the types of businesses for which such campaigns make sense.

This WSJ article quotes a study that pegs FB fan-acquisition ads at $1.07, meaning Seamless is significantly overspending.

That said, while it remains to be seen whether or not the campaign will pan out for them, is there anything unique to Seamless that might make the extra $$ make intuitive sense?

Share your thoughts.

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