Online Wedding Registry Focuses on Local Stores

From Mashable:

A few years ago, Amada Allen and Robard Williams were planning their wedding and trying to find time to look for the perfect venue and bridal dress. But when it came to figuring out their registry, they found that their options were limited.

“The local shops that we like didn’t have online registries and when we went to the big department stores, we just had a mediocre experience,” Allen told Mashable in an interview.

So in May 2010, Amanda and her husband partnered with web design company Intersect and created NewlyWish, a wedding gift registry service that lets couples create a single gift list from more than 50 handpicked independent shops, brands and artisans across the United States.

The online platform provides a seamless registry creation process by curating items from each shop and offering couples choices that they wouldn’t normally get from large department stores. Couples can choose to add more traditional gifts like kitchen and bath items to their registry, or leisurely gifts that suit their styles like spas, cooking classes or even tickets to a baseball game.

Each registry has a unique URL that couples can share with friends and family. If guests decide not to purchase an item on the registry, they can choose to buy gift certificates that couples can use on the site.

Why Am I Curious?

With the recent focus on Small Business, this immediately got my attention. We all know wedding is big business – over $320B in 2011 alone, and this is such a great way to combine the trend of shopping small and buying artisanal products and the wedding industry together and giving these smaller, local retailers a way into the minds and pockets of the newlyweds and making them a part of the convenience that is the ‘registry’. It is also another example of the small business trend that is predicted to take over in 2013 – which is the rise of digital/tech focused start ups and small businesses to help other small businesses that otherwise cannot necessarily have the resources to get help from bigger data and/or technology providers.


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