AR app makes newspaper easier for kids to read

Tokyo Newspaper (aka Tokyo Shimbun) partnered with our Dentsu Tokyo family to create an augmented reality mobile app that would make reading the newspaper much more engaging and easy for children.

The mobile app uses augmented reality to have animations, and cartoons appear over articles. By pointing the phone’s camera over a bulk of text, Kanji characters were replaced by Hiragana characters that made the article to read. Some articles featured pop-up characters with commentaries, while others included animated headlines. The Tokyo AR app can be download for free on iTunes, and has already received positive reviews from parents.

Why I’m Curious: I think this serves as a fantastic example for us to see how the agency developed a creative solution for a universal problem in such a relevant way for the brand. By creating this more interactive app, they made traditional newspapers more appealing to kids, which can lead to more family discussions, and also contribute to the child’s education and learning.


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