R’ha a Sc-Fi short that shows how technology is disrupting filmmaking


– Jordan

From Mashable:

A 22 year old German student has created a Sci-Fi digital short that has been turning heads in Hollywood. The short was written, directed and animated by Kaleb Lechowski in 7-months and it was his first 3-D short. The reason why this is so remarkable is that usually Sci-Fi animation and shorts of this quality take teams of people working on a project for an extended period of time, but only took this one film student 7-months to make on his own.

Why I’m curious:

There is a key insight that we can take away from this: The increased availability and ease of use of technology will disrupt entire industries on an individual level. With codecademy everyone can learn to code and get a programming job, here we can see a disruption of the education industry. With sites like squarespace people can create a digital storefront in seconds and reach mass audiences while using Google services to push out online banner advertising, here we can see a disruption of a marketing agency.

As new technology grows new tools and the ease of learning such tools will reach a larger mass of people than ever before turning large industries into an industry of one.

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