OkCupid Takes You On a Crazy Blind Date

OkCupid has announced a new mobile app called ‘Crazy Blind Date’ which turns online dating into a spontaneous meetup. Working with Huge, the app is meant to make dates happen more easily for more people.

The app is available on iOS and Android, enabling anyone to get a date on demand by telling the app where and when they are available. If another member is close by, it matches you for a date, which could be in a few hours of time. Pictures in the app are distorted, so your date won’t know how you look. An hour before the date happens, the app will open an IM window on each user’s phone to help them locate each other. After the date, the app lets users provide feedback on their partners. Users can then accumulate “Kudos” from their dates based on positive feedback; with lets “good daters” get more dates.

via PSFK

Why I’m Curious

While the app itself sounds easy and straightforward, I’m curious about the target that Huge and OkCupid are going after. According to the Chief Strategy Offer at Huge, the product is designed to help female daters coordinate dates. Yet, female daters are also the ones who are usually looking for more planning than an app setting them up a few hours before they head out. The New York Times recently published an article on women resenting “hanging out” replacing dating titled The End of Courtship, and the new OkCupid app seems to be doing just that. 

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