New App Uses Instagram to Find the Best Parties


Now is a new app that uses Instagram to crowdsource photos and let users see where the most fun is being had around their current location.

Essentially, the app uses Instagram’s existing API to sort through real-time photos posted on the platform, and then organizes them by time and location. Now users can input their current location and find out what events, hottest bars, parties, etc. are happening near them in real-time. Events near your location show up on your Now feed, with the most popular being at the top of your feed (those with the most likes, pictures, and shares). (via PSFK)

The app also has the ability to push notifications to app users about cool events (possibly paid sponsorships in the future) nearby.

Why I’m Curious

Social media provides a pretty detailed look into the lives of our friends (and acquaintances). And depending on how much your friends share, you probably don’t need to ask them what they did over the weekend on Monday, since you’ve already seen it play out on social media. Now directly feeds that desire to know what’s going on around you, and relieves symptoms of extreme FOMO (‘fear of missing out’) that 20-30 somethings typically face.

Aside from essentially providing a window into everything popular that happening around you, Now is also something new in social that Facebook’s announcement of Graph Search is also attempting to do: make social data more useful. Most people still scroll through their newsfeeds looking at the latest photo, status updates, and viral videos. But An app like Now, takes all those photos and turns into something useful for users in the moment.


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