Microsoft’s Epic Plan To Turn Your Living Room Into A Giant TV

From Fast Company:

Microsoft Research has shared the first details of an interesting alternative. Their invention is called Illumiroom. A Kinect scans the shape of a room, then Illumiroom uses 3-D projection to paint your walls and furniture with images, breaking the borders of your TV like a dam bursting a river of pixels into your living space.



Watch the Video

Why I’m Curious:

As Mark Wilson at Fast Company writes, “In this regard, the project has a spiritual similarity to Panasonic’s Ambilight. Remember Ambilight? It was the line of TVs and monitors that projected LEDs onto nearby walls to enhance the immersion factor of movies. But Illumiroom could take this idea to its more ultimate (and satisfying) extreme. Plus, assuming Illumiroom were to become part of Kinect’s SDK, its capability in the hands of external developers–or anyone looking to automate projection mapping on the small scale–could be unpredictably awesome.” I’m excited to watch this type of innovation disrupt the television/gaming industries. 


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