Google Launches Zavers By Google Digital Coupon Solution For Retailers And Manufacturers

ImageZavers by Google is a digital coupon solution that enables retailers and manufacturers to reward loyal customers with coupons that are relevant to them. Users can find Zavers discounts on retailers’s websites and then save them to their accounts. When they check out, coupon redemption happens in real time and savings are automatically deducted without the need to scan coupons (and hold up the line), though users need to link the account to their rewards cards or phone numbers.

This means no scanning or sorting is required when you browse online. What about in-person shopping? Well, Google has naturally integrated Zavers with Google Wallet, so you won’t have to look for your coupon when you’re in store either: just tap your phone at checkout. It looks like that will be the only way to use Zavers in person though; Google is largely focusing on online shoppers, though that will likely change if Google Wallet starts to catch on.

Why I’m Curious:

I’m intrigued by Google’s efforts to replace real wallets with digital ones. We may be familiar with Google Wallet, a virtual wallet that lets you pay with your mobile phone from an account linked to a credit card. It uses near field communication NFC technology (e.g., Bluetooth), which lets you scan your phone next to an in-store reader to pay for something.

As manufacturers and retailers continue to explore e-commerce, Zavers is attractive because it offers businesses a real-time look at customer behavior and redemption rates. This opens up the opportunity to learn more about your customer and target promotions more precisely, resulting in maximized profits and reduced sunk costs. Zavers may be appealing on the customer side as well, with its offer of convenience and the notion of receiving customize promotions.


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