Facebook Graph Search: Is it a potential Google Killer?


For years Google has ruled the search landscape and for very good reason: no product has arguably come close to the quality of theirs.

Even today they still command 86% of US and 88% of global search traffic.

Is Facebook Search a threat to Google in the long run?

Google has for a long time lusted after the personal data that Facebook has on individuals, interests and interactions. They have the scars to prove it.

Google are masters of connecting people to bits of “information” from locations, businesses, fact and fiction.

Facebook could much easily create (or acquire – they are after all connected to *sigh* Microsoft) this same “information” and when combined on their platform with the personal information it could potentially provide not just a one-stop-shop but a far more intuitive and intelligent search platform, which could severely hit Google’s traffic.

Why I’m curious?

This just reinforces that digital is an always evolving and (at times) brutally competitive all-in brawl.

It doesn’t matter if you are a small fish or one of the giants like Apple, Google or Microsoft.

You either innovate or die.


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