Dodge Dart Registry

Kickstart your new car with Dodge Dart’s newly launched crowdfunding platform – Dodge Dart Registry.

The campaign launches with a TV spot detailing the pitch…

Build your car, set your funding amount, share your story…and hope for the best.

Why I’m Curious?

Crowdfunding is a trend we’ve been observing for a while (with Kickstarter of course being its most well-known outgrowth), but this is the first time I can recall ever having seen a brand take the idea and run with it.

From a perceptual standpoint, it’s cool…the website is well put together, seems to function pretty seamlessly, and reinforces all of the branding elements that the TV spots have been drilling into us for the past several months.

That aside…do we see this actually working? Outside of family and perhaps close friends, who cares enough about a stranger’s car predicament to buy him leather upholstery? The great thing about Kickstarter is that it makes use of the web’s expansive reach to connect people to projects/ideas they care about or want to be a part of. Here the idea (i.e. Stranger X’s new car) has become far too limited and uninteresting to appeal to anyone outside of a close network of friends/family…And you don’t even get prizes for donating! Granted the TV ad acknowledges two examples of the types of donations one might receive (birthday gift from Dad, graduation gift from Grandma), but it seems to negate the whole crowdfunding premise if donations are going to come solely from those you know.

Ultimately, it would seem that the success of the campaign will rely on whether or not the perceptual benefits gained will be enough to spur people to buy more Darts.

On another note, I wonder how this campaign might’ve fared if Dodge had, in a more behind-the-scenes manner, arranged to fund people’s Kickstarter projects for Darts.


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