Delta Airlines launches new feature on iPad app

Delta’s latest iPad app features a “glass bottom jet” setting that lets you see exactly where you’re flying and how fast.

From Mashable,

The feature offers a view of the plane flying over the map, replete with the shadow that the aircraft is projecting. The map also calls out landmarks and messages from your social networks. If a Facebook friend, for instance, has checked in to somewhere you’re flying over, you’ll see it. The Fly Delta for the iPad app has other features as well, including destination guides, flight checkin and a “What’s Next” feature to help make post-flight plans. An updated version of Delta’s iPhone app also includes Passbook-based ticketing.

Why I’m Curious

I think this is a very cool and interactive way for Delta to utilize their iPad app. Because it’s build right in, there’s no barrier of downloading something new, and with over 800 planes with Wi-Fi (and more to come) there’s plenty of opportunities for flyers to give it a try. Also, I was really interested in the social network integration, which allows flyers to feel plugged in during long-distance flights.


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