3D Sensors Deliver Insight for In-Store Shopper Behavior

Shopperception offers a new technology for the retail industry by placing 3D and heat detection sensors above store shelves to track customer behavior. Take a look at the CEO’s demo at CES here:

Shopperception promises to help us learn more about the customer journey as it makes it more accessible and measurable, and in turn closing the gap between consumers and brands.

By tracking people in the store through Microsoft Kinect Sensors, Shopperception creates 3D zones with a camera that sits above the store shelf, recording shopper movements while they are in sensor reach. A heat map is also used to see whether products are picked up or avoided.

The feed can be streamed live or the data collected and aggregated into full shopper activity reports to see how we behave in-store, or the data can be harnessed in real-time to potentially create a new space for shopper-brand interaction.

Why I’m Curious: While I find this highly targeted retail insight interesting, I can’t help but wonder if this type of tracking is intrusive to consumer behavior. Will people be ok with stores knowing what products they’ve purchased? I’m interested to see if the retail industry adopts such technology and how they may approach the consumer reluctance about being constantly monitored.

Share your thoughts.

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