Waxing Salon Sponsors the 12th Annual ‘No Pants Subway Ride’

Over the past 12 years Improv Everywhere has gained massive international traction for their annual No Pants Subway Ride.  Last year nearly 4,000 people participated in New York with tens of thousands more participating in 59 cities in 27 countries around the world.

This year, New York-based hair removal studio Shobha is sponsoring a pre-party for Improv Everywhere’s annual No Pants Subway Ride in New York. Shobha, which has salons all over New York, has invited ladies (and gents) to their Financial District location to meet up, strip down, and ride the subway in their skivvies together.

Those who wish to join the pre-party and commit to ride the subway with bare legs will receive a free hair removal services for their brows, underarms or bikini lines. These free hair removal vouchers will be emailed the next day.


Why I’m Curious
We often see brands sponsoring sport, fashion, music and design events, and they often blend together.  It’s great to see a small business take a different and accessible approach. What better way for a waxing salon to reach new customers than to join a growing movement and offer a relevant and valuable service? Participating in such an off-beat event makes them approachable and shows they have a great sense of humor. Who wants to be hairy in front of 4,000 strangers??

via PSFK


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