Samsung Changes the Future of Retail Windows

A few days ago at CES, Samsung debuted a transparent display screen that could hold the future of retail display.

You can see a quick mobile video a conference attendee uploaded to capture just how it works. A glass box encases a certain product, like a camera or shoes, but the front piece of glass is actually a transparent display screen that can show any video media. The ability to have multiple layers of virtual and real information is groundbreaking for not only retailers and advertisers but even possibly for city governments and public authorities.

Why I’m Curious: I think the combination of video media and real-life window display imagery offers tremendously powerful storytelling potential. I’ve always thought there should be a museum of holiday retail window art, and this new technology that Samsung brings to the table could be the start of a new display ad movement. Could this be the next big thing before we get fully-fledged 3D holograms?

Share your thoughts.

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