REI Wowed Customers with Video Responses

There’s always a large emphasis on not only responding to customers in real time but also in customizable ways. Sporting goods company, REI, took it a step further during the holidays with custom video responses.

From FastCompany,

The team decided to spice it up and answer some holiday questions on Twitter with video. The program was called #giftpicks. To accomplish that they used Green Vests–the in-store employees who pride themselves on their passion and expertise in various product lines and who are always available to help. Green Vests in multiple stores partnered with REI’s creative team and looked at what might make the best gift suggestion for a particular customer and together came up with the best video response. In 30 to 50 minutes, no less.

Why I’m Curious

Social media has become one of the most important customer service mediums, occasionally with double-digit teams manning computers 24/7 to make sure a question or issue is addressed. Brands are known for their great customer service, usually for their quick response or their quirky sense of humor. I thought it was really interesting the way REI tried to recreate the in-store experience online and wonder how our brands can learn from this.


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