Dick’s Sporting Goods: Get Winter Ready

From Creativity Online:

You know how hard it is to get up and ready in the morning, especially in the winter months when you’d rather stay snuggled under the covers in your jammy-jams? Well, Dick’s Sporting Goods, along with Anomaly and Stink Digital have turned “rise and shine” into a game, Get Winter Ready, to promote the retailer’s winter collection.

It stars four buddies on a winter ski trip, and the goal is to get them all dressed so they can hit the slopes before sunrise. The gameplay doubles as a winter lookbook, as players are supposed to locate the various Dick’s goods they’ll need to wear. The experience was built entirely in HTML and works across mobile, tablet and PC devices.


Why Am I Curious?

Gamification is big, we all know it. It helps users engage with the brand longer, keeps the brand top of mind. The reason I particularly liked this game is because it not only doubles as a smart and engaging product catalog but also makes a good old sweepstakes promotion more engaging and entertaining. It is more than asking for consumers to fill out a form but also getting them to “earn” their right to be a part of the sweeps which helps the brand to expose them to their products and remind them the great amazing memories associated with skiing.



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