London restaurant features interactive tables


Inamo, an Asian Fusion restaurant in London’s Soho district, has found a way to differentiate itself from other restaurants of its kind. Using touch screen tables, Inamo allows consumers to order food, play games, and even see a live feed of the kitchen.

Designed by London-based company E-Table, these unique surfaces offer the ultimate form of customization, giving diners the option to change their ‘tablecloth,’ in addition to many other unique features such as the illustrated food and drink menu which is projected right onto the table top. When diners are finished with their meal, they can even use the table to order a taxi home.

Why I’m curious:

Remember the moment when you sat down in a new restaurant.  you and your friends all get busy with phones to check-in on Foursquare, post pics on Facebook or check Yelp to find out what’s good, etc., and hence the awkward unsocial moment? I not only see this interactive table thing might be able to add real social interactions to all the social media activities, but also help restaurants to store their patrons data and significantly improve dining experience for their customers.


Share your thoughts.

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