The First Ad Campaign On Facebook’s Snap Chat Copy, Poke

From Business Insider:

Less than a week after Facebook released its Snapchat competitor, Poke, ad agency Grey Tel Aviv decided to test whether the app was marketing friendly by launching its first-ever ad campaign.

Appropriately, the marketing push was for a lingerie line. Delta Lingerie gave Grey a simple brief, to promote “a one-time sales promotion on lingerie” that “won’t come back.” Which seemed to work perfectly with Poke’s one-time only viewing platform. (The Poke and Snapchat platform allows users to send texts, pictures, and videos that self destruct after 10 seconds).




Why I’m Curious:

As Business Insider says, “The campaign posed quite a few problems. Since users can only send their disappearing messages to a maximum of 40 people at a time, Tayeb’s agent had to manually retake and resend the video over and over again.

There were also limitations on who the Poke campaign could actually be sent to. Daniel Barak, who worked on the campaign, told Business Insider that “In order to bypass the fact that Poke isn’t opened to Brands, we sent the Pokes to the model’s fans through her agent’s personal Facebook profile.”

And then, of course, there are the minor details that the video is completely unsharable and if the consumer blinks, he or she might miss the crucial message at the end of the video.” However, I do think this is an interesting and innovative use of the new service. 


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