Microsoft Windows 8, so simple a child could do it

Screen shot 2013-01-04 at 10.27.30 AM

– Jordan

From Creativity Online:

O Escritorio, the agency behind the hidden-camera stunts for Coca Cola, “Wallet” and “Stadium Dorm,” are back with a new campaign for Microsoft Portugal, to promote the simplicity of Windows 8. In a store in Lisbon, potential customers were made to understand just how easy the new OS was to use — by a very young employee.


Why I’m curious:

With the crowded smartphone and computer market many are trying to convey the simplicity of their devices, as most users want the intuitive usability that Apple has brought to the table. In Microsofts message we can see a close tie to the successful “So easy, a Caveman can do it.” strategy of equating ease of use with another user (in this case a child.) The message becomes more powerful by combining the use of a product in this way rather than a claim how easy the new product is to use. We have moved from a no longer wanting to simply be told about a product, we now want to be shown the product in action in order to make an educated decision.

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