First Ad Campaign on Facebook’s Poke

Less than a week after Facebook released Poke, ACW Grey Tel Aviv and Delta Lingerie created the first campaign on the platform. Using the app, the agency created a film of a lingerie model getting dressed and then sent it to her Facebook fans. User’s are directed to a special website at the end of the film, where they can get a discount on the garment she’s wearing. Since you can only send videos on Poke to 40 people at a time, the agency had to shoot a new video for every 40 people.

Why I’m Curious: Clearly this platform wasn’t designed for advertisers in mind. While I don’t think this was very effective at driving sales (and it was clearly cumbersome from an execution perspective), it does allow the brand to own a “first” and got them earned media coverage.



One thought on “First Ad Campaign on Facebook’s Poke

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