Digipill is offering downloadable ‘drugs’ which use psychoacoustics as a form of therapy.

Created by UK-based mobile developer Yuza with the assistance of self-help author Brian Colbert and – apparently – 20 years of neuro-linguistic research, the digital drugs consist of around half an hour of audio each. While binaural techniques have been around for some time – producing varying results – Digipill promises that its products use a form of hypnosis that can induce experiences ranging from relaxation to weight loss and creative ambition to legal highs. Users can download the app at no cost and receive one free ‘pill’ to try before purchasing other options from the Pill Store. – via Springwise

Why I’m Curious

Is it 2013 or 2031? The idea a pill that can help you get over an ex, lose weight, fall asleep,  make you more creative, etc, seems too good to be true.  The jury is still out on whether or not DigiPill can, in fact, send you on an acoustic mind trip, but if it proves effective this niche ‘drug’ has the potential to go mass. This could have obvious implications in healthcare. For example, imagine a therapist prescribing Resilience to a depressed patient before doling out drugs.

From a branding perspective, I can already see Special K sponsoring the ‘Slim to Thin’pill, Axe sponsoring ‘Babe Magnet’ pill (or co-developing their own ‘Swag’ pill) and businesses kicking the day off with ‘Perfect Pitch’.




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