Coming to Soon to the Internet: Hugs


You may be able to hug someone over Skype soon. Microsoft recently filed a patent for a “a battery powered, internet-enabled pillow that allows users to send virtual hugs to each other.”

The pillow functions a bit like a video game controller, and can be used to simulate a variety of actions including “hugs, hand-shakes, grabbing documents, writing on a whiteboard, and the like can be detected so a specific feedback force response is implemented.” Of course, this technology would be a great addition to chats on the Microsoft-owned Skype platform.

Why I’m Curious

Technology connects use to one and other. But many are working to make use feel like there is actually someone on the other side of the screen – like iMessage displaying  when the recipient of your text reads it. But this hug pillow (which is quite similar to the Hugvie posted on Curious Fridays a while back) is aiming to go a step further and add a physical touch to our digital interactions.


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