Skittles Gives Fans Telekinetic Powers

Skittles gave fans in Australia and New Zealand were given the unique opportunity to move a Skittle on the Internet using their mind.

The app hosted on the brand’s Facebook page used eye-tracking and users’ webcams to translate each movement into a command given to a WiFi-controlled robot attached a single Skittle.

Paul Nagy, executive creative director from Clemenger BBDO Sydney explained the thinking behind it all to Campaign Brief: “Until now, telekinesis has only ever existed in science fiction movies. By adding a heap of Skittles awesomeness to some new state-of-the-art technology, some of which we developed ourselves, we’re enabling people to move Skittles in a way they’ve never been able to before.” More at The Next Web

Why I’m Curious

Skittles’ social presence is zany – the less sense it makes the better. But they’ve been able to build up their brand in this way across platforms and build a large, dedicated fan following. And adding telekinetic powers to their Facebook page is definitely a good incentive to get more people there. It’s also one of the better users of tabs I’ve seen – no quizzes, games, or challenges – just log in and move a Skittle with your eyes. Where else can you do that?


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